Disney Engagement Ring

Here is a sample article I did for a jewelry blog:

If you’re getting married to a Disney fan, or a princess all her own, one of the most romantic and appropriate engagement rings to consider is a Disney princess-inspired engagement ring, which several different jewelers now carry.

What is a Disney Engagement Ring?

A Disney engagement ring is a ring that has been fashioned to fit and match each Disney princess, in accordance not only to that princess’ style, but color palette as well. Plus, inscribed on the inside of the ring is a quote from the corresponding film, that not only makes sense for that ring, but for your loved one as well.

 Who is your favorite Disney princess? How about a beautiful blue sapphire and diamond halo engagement ring, inscribed with the words, “Dancing on a cloud…” to match your Cinderella story. Or a beautiful square, filigree gold ring with sapphire and ruby gemstones for your own Belle of the ball. Or my favorite, the rose gold with ruby gemstone ring inscribed with the words, “Listen to your heart…” that matches the spirit of Pocahontas.

What rings are offered

The other rings that are currently offered include the Aurora ring (inscribed with, “Once upon a dream”) and with a beautiful pink gemstone center and gold band. The Jasmine ring that has a square-cut blue topaz stone and aquamarine settings down the sides of the silver band. Mulan’s is a larger face, with emeralds and a flower setting with “The most beautiful of all” inscribed within. There are also rings for Snow White and Ariel, and even rings for the newer Disney princesses, including one for Rapunzel (from Tangled), Tiana (from The Princess and the Frog), Arendelle and Elsa (from Frozen).

Why Choose a Disney Princess Ring

Disney Princess Engagement Rings are not only creative ways to express your love, but they are also unique and eye-catching adornments for your finger. These engagement rings are not only beautiful and have creative settings and jewels that match birthstones, but they are also a wonderful gift for anyone who has empathized or bonded with a certain Disney character. If your loved one thinks she’s the Belle of the ball, the Belle-inspired ring is not only a beautiful promise of your nuptials, but also something that can remind her of her past, and connect her with a part of herself that is fun and personal.

Disney princess rings are not to be mistaken for other Disney-inspired engagement rings, including rings where the stones are in the shape of Mickey Mouse, like this Disney-inspired black diamond & tanzanite engagement ring in 14k white gold.

 If you are getting married to a Disney fan, or you yourself think that the Disney-inspired engagement rings are a unique and touching idea, you should check out Pinterest and eBay for links to where these rings are sold.