image1Hello. My name’s Anna Pickard from New Jersey. I am a passionate writer and blogger and have been featured as a publicist on sites such as Huffington Post and Buzzfeed. Please check back for a list of my newest articles.

Hey there everyone out in Internet Land, I’m Anna and it’s my distinct pleasure to make your acquaintance! I may be the tiniest bit late to the blogging world, but that old saying about it being better to be late than never even showing up at all seems awfully appealing right now. So yeah, let’s just go with that!

Since you’ve bothered visiting and even being kind enough to click over to this “about” section, I figured I should prepare a brief little bit of info about myself. I’m pretty shy in real life, so sharing isn’t exactly my forte. But hey, let’s give it a shot!

First of all, one of my favorite hobbies as of late is scouring Youtube. There are countless creators on there making their own shows about their lives or their own artistic projects, and it’s so inspiring to take it all in. There are entire communities circulating around pretty much every topic you could imagine on there. Even though this is “just a blog”, seeing all of that was one of the biggest inspirations for taking up the reigns and carving out a little space online for myself. Just like everyone on Youtube, I’m so looking forward to sharing everything with as much of the world as possible!

I’ve also found myself visiting flea markets and traveling to check out roadshows on the weekends more and more. I never thought I’d care much about antiquing, but it’s really interesting coming across all of these relics and strange old forgotten items. I like browsing retail and department stores as much as the next person, but it’s pretty much all the same stuff. It’s a much more enriching experience checking out people’s old belongings, and I’m always coming across something new that I never even knew existed before. It’s really amazing.

I also adore going to the movies, and I try to see as many of them as I can. It’s awfully expensive to go to the theater these days, and it’s even worse when you pay for a ticket at full price only to have the experience ruined for you by someone that won’t be quiet or turn off their cell phone! Even so, there’s just something about sitting down in front of the big screen to take in a great story for a couple of hours. I’ve been trying to catch more early showings and matinees as of late, both to save money and also avoid crowds! But no matter what, I know I’ll always absolutely love the movies.

Well, I think that’s more than enough babbling for now. All of that ballyhoo above really just scratches the surface of everything I’m into of course, but you can be sure to find out much more as I continue to post on the main page! I’m super excited for wherever the blog happens to take me next, and I’m so happy that you’re here! I genuinely hope that you’ll stick around for the journey. Thank you again for stopping by!